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Korean diet to lose 10 kg per week- K POP diet

The Korean diet

The Korean diet is one of the most effective diet systems, as it relies mainly on whole foods, not industrial ones, as it is a three-day Korean diet.

In recent times, the culture of studying the diets of the Eastern Mediterranean and the North and then implementing them has spread, but the Korean diet has proven, with its benefits, that it can be a basic diet in the region.

It generally consists of traditional Korean foods, based on rice, fruits and vegetables.

There is a korean weight loss diet  that is a normal diet and what is a harsh Korean diet, and before discussing them, it is necessary to take a small overview of the Korean diet in general.


What is the K-pop diet or the Korean diet for weight loss?

The Korean diet food for weight loss is inspired by traditional Korean cuisine.

It includes whole foods rich in fiber and other nutrients and limits the consumption of processed foods rich in fats and sugars.

It also limits the consumption of wheat, dairy products, fats and refined sugars, and your meals depend mainly on vegetables and rice.

Benefits of the Korean diet

Lose weight
Since traditional Korean meals are usually rich in natural vegetables that contain a lot of fiber, this helps curb hunger and cravings for overeating. Also because it depends mainly on healthy and low-fat foods.

Improving public health
The Korean diet food encourages eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, which helps enhance the body’s health and protect it from chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease.

Also, kimchi, a popular Korean side dish made from fermented cabbage or any other vegetable, helps lower blood pressure, blood sugar and bad cholesterol levels.

Fermented foods like kimchi benefit gut health by increasing the population of beneficial gut bacteria, also known as probiotics, which help treat a range of ailments, including dermatitis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Treating acne
The Korean diet helps fight acne by limiting the intake of dairy products that stimulate the secretion of insulin and insulin-like growth factor IGF-1, both of which may play a role in acne formation.

Disadvantages of the Korean diet

Lack of precise guidance, as this diet provides little guidance regarding how to prepare balanced meals.
Some may find it difficult to distinguish nutrient-rich Korean recipes from those that are nutrient-poor.
This diet places a heavy emphasis on losing weight to look like K-POP celebrities, putting certain groups of people, such as teenagers, at increased risk of developing disordered eating behaviors.

Additional rules when following the Korean diet

In order to achieve the goal and lose weight when following the Korean diet or k pop diet, it is very important to take into account these additional rules:

  • Eat fewer calories: This diet does not specify the amount of quantities that should be eaten, but rather is based on the number of calories.
  • Avoid snacks: Snacks are unnecessary on this diet and should be avoided.
  • Eat less fat: It is necessary to reduce and limit foods rich in fat and avoid sauces, oils and spices as much as possible.
  • Reduce added sugars: Replace soda with water and biscuits, sweets and ice cream with fresh fruits.
  • Exercising regularly: in order to burn fat.

How does the Korean diet burn fat?

By feeling full and reducing feelings of hunger, by relying on vegetables and foods rich in fiber, which help control food appetite.
the Korean diet or k pop diet aims to reduce calories on a daily basis, by reducing the intake of sugars and fats.
Relying mainly on sports, which burn fat and calories.
Sleeping early, because it has a strong effect on weight loss, in order to allow the metabolism to work well.
Avoid eating wheat derivatives, and reduce full fats.
Drink warm water in the morning and before breakfast, and soak half a lemon in it for a short time.

Korean diet system


The Korean diet

the Korean diet or k pop diet for three days:

the Korean diet or k pop diet depends on targeting certain foods and avoiding others. The foods that should be eaten are as follows:

  • Vegetables of all kinds, and they can be eaten fresh without cooking, or they can be cooked or fermented and then eaten to ensure
  • the best result of a strict Korean diet of 20 kilos in a month.
  • All types of fruits are also allowed, and they are an alternative to the foods you are accustomed to that are harmful or rich in fats and sugars, such as sweets and processed foods.
  • Rice as a source of starches, along with non-wheat grains.
  • Sources rich in protein, such as eggs, fish and meat.
  • Foods such as shiitake and tofu, which are very suitable for vegetarians, as they are an alternative to meat.

The foods that should be avoided in the Korean diet for three days are as follows:

  • Stay away from all foods that contain wheat, such as pasta, bread, ready-made breakfast cereals, etc., to get the result of a strict Korean diet of 20 kilos in a month.
  • Foods that contain fats, such as fried foods and high-fat meats, to get the result of a harsh Korean diet of 20 kilos in a month.
  • Milk and its derivatives, such as cheese, to get the best results on a strict Korean diet, 20 kilos in a month

Korean diet 20 kilos in a month


The Korean diet

the Korean diet or k pop diet is for three days and follows a strict diet, but its results are quick. Below we will discuss the details of the harsh Korean diet for 20 kilos in a month, and the details of the diet in detail throughout the week.

As for the Korean diet schedule and the three-day korean health foods, it is as follows:

The first two days
The first two days begin with certain meals, including:

First: breakfast

  • Drink two cups of warm water on an empty stomach.
  • A cup of tea without sugar, or coffee without sugar as well.

Second: lunch

  • A small piece of chicken, meat or fish, provided that it is grilled and not eaten fried.
  • Fresh green salad plate.

Third: dinner

  • A small or medium-sized plate of green salad.

The third and fourth days
As for the third and fourth days, it is as follows:

First: breakfast

  • Two cups of warm water on an empty stomach.
  • tea or coffee without sugar.
  • The breakfast is considered the same on the first and second days.

Second: lunch

  • 2 boiled eggs without any spices added to them, and without bread.
  • Green or red apples.

Third: dinner

  • Eat fresh apples until you feel full, without specifying a specific amount.

The fifth and sixth days

For the fifth and sixth days of this diet, the meals are as follows:

First: breakfast

  • The same breakfast mentioned above.

Second: lunch

  • A container of fat-free yogurt, so that it is low in fat.
  • Eat fresh apples until you are full.

Third: dinner

  • Eat only apples.

the seventh day
In the Korean diet for the seventh day, the same meal is breakfast, lunch is 2 boiled eggs and eaten without bread or spices, and dinner is only apples.

It is a Korean diet that can be implemented in several ways, which we will review in the following points:

Potato diet

It is considered a korean idol diet, and this diet relies on sweet potatoes as the main meal for the three meals of the day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You should know that there are several recipes that can be made with potatoes, so that you do not feel bored, and you can eat some vegetables throughout the day to enhance burning.

Banana diet in the Korean diet

  • Eat one banana for breakfast.
  • Eat any completely fat-free food at lunch.
  • It is preferable to skip dinner or eat something very light, fat-free.
  • Taking into account attention to drinking water, at least 8 cups a day. This diet depends mainly on the weight loss benefits of bananas, and depends on the energy it provides the body for the rest of the day.

Water diet

  • Drink only water the first 3 days of the week.
  • Eat a different set of fruits on the fourth day, with the aim of compensating for the vitamin deficiency in the previous days.
  • The fifth day is dedicated to vegetables only.
  • Day six: Eat only soup.
  • On the seventh and final day, you can eat whatever foods you want.
  • The Korean diet is very effective, but it should be noted that harsh diets in general may be dangerous for some people, and they cannot tolerate them.

Therefore, it is best to follow up with a specialized nutritionist, to determine the appropriate diet for your condition.


The Korean diet system in general is a system followed by a large number of Korean people, and the Korean diet or korean idol diet is not only a weight loss diet for them, but rather a lifestyle to which they are accustomed, and this does not include the harsh Korean diet, but rather the normal diet.


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